SkyCruiser AS1200

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SkyCruiser AS1200,We proudly present the fixed-wing drone. SkyCruiser AS1200. It is built for aerial mapping and terrain modeling larger areas including mine sites and stockpiles, and undertaking topographic survey.


SkyCruiser AS1200,We proudly present the fixed-wing drone.

1. Excellent Fuselage Design Tailored to Aerodynamics

SkyCruiser AS1200 adopts sophisticated design and utilizes the principle of aerodynamic subtly, which makes the fluent airframe line and the highly stability.

2. Light, Safe and Stable
The airframe adopts high strength and high-density EPO materials, not only provide better structural strength and rigidity, but also minimize the aircraft weight to the limit. Empty weight is only 900g; payload is up to 2.4Kg

3. Powerful Flight Control Software

Advanced Auto Take-Off and Auto Landing System and Mouse Controlled Flight.

With Auto Pilot and Manual Control options, higher reliability and practicability, compatible with all common remote controllers, and provide inspection for steering gear output.

Provide automatic return protection in case of communication interrupt.|

Supports fixed distance or fixed timing aerial photography triggers, the integrated POS module records the longitude, latitude, altitude, speed, flight attitude and so on information of the photographed point.

By incorporating the Google Earth platform, the ground station software offers a clean interface with easy access to all available controls. (Supports multiple languages)

Real time display of all flight statistics including main battery voltage, mAh consumed Amp draw, GPS satellite strength and temperature of the autopilot unit.

4. Compact and Portable, Easy for Transportation

The unique lock design, make the wings easy to disassemble, which greatly reduce the whole transport volume, easy for travel and take along.

5. Convenient for Take-off and Landing

The collapsible catapult rack, easy to carry and launch the drone easily with less requirement for the take-off venue, so can take-off in complicated terrain condition.

6. Long Duration 
The large capacity lithium battery can provide 60 minutes duration time, to ensure the completion of tasks of large-scale operations. 



Power Line Inspection

Pipeline Inspection                                    Forest Resource Inspection


 Urban Planning                                         Forest Fire Forecasting

AS1200 Aircraft
Aircraft Type:    Fixed wing
Main-body:    EPO
Fuselage:    0.8m
Wingspan:    1.2m-1.3m 
Power System:    brush-less electric motor, propulsion system of single power
GPS module:    integrated with 10Hz high precision GPS module
The empty-loaded:    0.9kg
Full loaded:    2.4kg
Battery:    8000mAh, Lithium-polymer battery

Take-off:    Catapult launch
Landing Type:    Parachute landing 
Take-off Speed:    6m/s   
Take-off angle:    30°
Cruise speed:    72km/h
Maximum ceiling:    3000m (AMSL) 
Weather limit:    43km/h
Communication control frequency:    2.4GHz
Communication control range:    8km
Pre-flight preparation time:    5min
Duration time:    60-70minutes
Flight mode:    Autopilot 
Maximum Ceiling:    3km (AMSL)
Single task area:    10km2
Resolution (GSD):    3.0-20cm

Type:    Sony A1500
Operation:    Fully automatic
Sensor type:    APS-CMOS
Effective pixels:    24.3MP
Image resolution:    6000x4000
Lens:    E20mm F2.8 
Weight:    352g

Flight control software:  
Mission planning:    OK
Pre-flight check:    OK
Autonomous camera triggering:    OK 
POS information download:    OK
Real-time monitoring:    OK 
Automatic take-off, flight and landing:    OK  
Post processing Software:    SkyPhoto, compatible to universal data formats of major processing software on the market
Ground  controller system configuration (Not included in the package):
Operating System Windows7, 64bit, CPU processor i7, Graphics card GPU, internal memory 4GB or above